Building strength in northern communities by aligning and creating opportunities for its residents

Safe Place to Participate

The North Matters proposes a values based, non-partisan voice, that unites, involves, enables, and speaks for natural resource development oriented citizens. Providing support, coordinating action, and uniting resource citizens is a primary goal for The North Matters.Supporting and coordinating enables an ever-present, truly grassroots, voice that delivers deliberate, meaningful, safe and genuine involvement of working class British Columbians.


Beware the Words – “Just Transition”

Amidst recovery of a global pandemic, when many Canadians are hurting from illness, isolation, financial hardship, and record level uncertainty of the future, the Government

Video: An Honest Conversation

It’s time to have an honest conversation on what it takes to lift people up and who is standing in the way of that.

Interview with Bonnie George

The North Matters was recently at the Bulkley Valley Exhibition in Smithers where our friend Bonnie George stopped by to say hello.

Bonnie is a Wet’suwet’en member and a Coastal Gas Link employee. We took the opportunity to ask Bonnie some questions about working for an industry that seems to get a lot of negative attention around here.

Here are some excerpts from our chat.

Our Mission

Grassroots and Growing

Advanced Energy Solutions

Our natural gas resource not only reduces global GHSs it improves lives.

Sustainable Forestry

Canadian natural resource innovation goes hand in hand with our resource products.

Mining That Matters

The future is now. Going beyond the resource to provide for a better world. Its mining workers who make the difference.


Hug a farmer. Feeding a community or feeding a planet, these pros make it happen. Food safety and sustainability.

Your Voice Matters

We’re working hard to help end the divisiveness our communities have experienced over natural resource development. We’re taking a proactive and positive approach to bringing people together to give them a voice. We’re determined to show the world our resource communities are great places; where our citizens are the ones protecting the environment while providing the natural resources that advance society.