Citizen Voice Advocacy

Fixing A Broken Conversation

The public dialogue and beliefs surrounding natural resource development in Canada is broken. All around us are self-interested parties. We witness large foreign funded influences pressure governments into policy positions that suit the activists goals, and we see resource industries react. At the end of the day it is the working people in Canada that pay the price, yet they haven’t been party to the decision making process. So we put it upon ourselves to challenge the current state of affairs.

Being Part of the Solution

After studying the situation we can predict a cycle action and activities that have repeated themselves for 35 years; first with forestry, then aquaculture, oil and gas and mining. We see new foreign funded campaigns against natural resources, transportation and services on the horizon. The only way to break the cycle is for ordinary people to step up and speak out. So we’ve inserted ourselves to add new insights and positive proposals to the public conversation. But we are doing it in a different way. We have faith in everyday Canadians to continue to solve the big issues facing us. They always have.


The North Matters is making its presence known in media, conferences, public forums, through intervening in official processes, by making our own opportunities and through strategic partnerships. The organization is apolitical, focused on the issues and corresponding community values near and dear to us. And we are inclusive, with members and strategic partnerships that encompass a broad representation of community. We believe in bringing people together. We also believe that ordinary Canadians provide the answers to many of the issues we face today. We can continue to build on the hard work of our past to ensure a fair and prosperous future for all communities.