A Message from our Founder

In an age of extreme polarization and political populism, there is a growing need for a voice of reason that strives to reach the middle ground.  That balanced voice needs to come from the true protectors and providers of our communities: the citizens, you and me.  

We live here and want to see the very best for our livelihoods and neighbours when it comes to opportunities, environment, social issues and unity.  

In the face of polarized division over development opportunities, northern citizens are looking for peace and balance so we can truly enjoy our natural surroundings and lives without having to worry where the next paycheque will come from.

This is why it’s more important than ever to bring communities, workers, industries, associations and business leaders together to create one unified voice that’s louder than all others. We’ve shown ourselves to be capable of making informed decisions respecting opportunities for our communities. 

It’s time to showcase who we are, and how well we do what we do, while striving to get the truth out to the people of all walks of life. 

This matters because, not only do our futures rely on it, you matter, your friends, families and neighbours matter and The North Matters!!!!!!

 David Johnston,