Grassroots and Growing.

Bringing People Together

There has never been a more appropriate time than now, to amplify grassroots citizen voices. Given current and emerging events there are mounting pressures on our rural communities to ensure that their economies and culture are protected.


Canadians are ever-conscientious of doing our environmental duty on the world stage. We wring our hands over every resource project, wondering if it is the right thing or the wrong thing to do. But what we often fail to consider is our leadership and the example it sets for the world. It is time for us to stop apologizing and put the results our worry to work. It’s time to celebrate our accomplishments and apply our resources to bettering the world.

Protest or Rally?

It’s easy to criticize, protest and block. But those things don’t provide solutions. The North Matters recognizes that the working women and men of resource industries are the ones that continually find solutions, innovate and create. It’s time to honour our neighbours for their accomplishments. Resource people are the real providers and protectors of our society. Let’s be proud of our accomplishments.