Beware the Words – “Just Transition”

Amidst recovery of a global pandemic, when many Canadians are hurting from illness, isolation, financial hardship, and record level uncertainty of the future, the Government

Video: An Honest Conversation

It’s time to have an honest conversation on what it takes to lift people up and who is standing in the way of that.

Interview with Bonnie George

The North Matters was recently at the Bulkley Valley Exhibition in Smithers where our friend Bonnie George stopped by to say hello.

Bonnie is a Wet’suwet’en member and a Coastal Gas Link employee. We took the opportunity to ask Bonnie some questions about working for an industry that seems to get a lot of negative attention around here.

Here are some excerpts from our chat.

Your Voice Matters

It’s easy to criticize, protest and block resource development. In fact, there are organizations that have made an industry out of protest.  Stop logging; stop